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Lights, Camera, Cards !!

Here's your backstage pass to the movie world wrapped into a Card Game Party.

Go behind-the-scenes !  You are the Producer needing an Actor, Director and Crew.  But it's not so easy to make a movie when flash floods destroy your set, or there is a Writers Strike.  Don't let your guard down because the other Producers will steal your crew. 

Strategic - Competitive - Interactive

For 3-8 players.  Rated PG 13

Packaged in a retro style Hollywood filmcan.

Customer Reviews

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Nancy A Pieropan
Great Gift Idea

getCrewd has a great mix of luck and creativity. It will be a great gift for the gamers in my life.

Getting to know friends… better!

Fun for a family reunion! Creativity/ storytelling/ memories 🥇🍀😀

Alexander Johnson
I Keep this game on me at all times

This has become my go-to game. Ever since first playing, this game has come with me on camping trips, bbq's, and any get-togethers I am going to. Everyone that plays this game is hooked and wants one for themself. This game will make you the most popular person on game night. Thank me later.

Game night star

Take a peek into the film industry with this unique card game. To form your crew you’ll need strategy, luck and creativity. Add a bit of Hollywood nostalgia to game night.

A fun game that’s easy to learn

This fun interactive card game takes you through the twists and turns of being a movie producer. Have fun with your friends on your next game night.