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Lights, Camera, Cards !!

Here's your backstage pass to the movie world wrapped into a Card Game Party.

Go behind-the-scenes !  You are the Producer needing an Actor, Director and Crew.  But it's not so easy to make a movie when flash floods destroy your set, or there is a Writers Strike.  Don't let your guard down because the other Producers may steal your crew. 

Strategic - Competitive - Interactive

For 3-8 players.  Rated PG 13

Packaged in a retro style Hollywood filmcan.

Customer Reviews

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Super fun party game!

I played this game with my friends for my birthday and we all had so much fun! It’s such a great game to hang out with friends and is a great conversation starter!!

A Great Party Game

Fabulous game! Really well designed and very clever. Played it with my son who's a D&D Master. He says, "It's very elegantly designed, easy to learn without being overl simple and is engaging. A great party game!"

Old Fashioned Fun

This brings me back to a time long before cell phones, when Risk or Monopoly had our undivided attention. Get Crewed reminds me of those good times, when competition, interaction, and strategy was foremost. This game is a great way to get family and friends together for a guaranteed good time. You will want to play again and again! The game comes in a silver film container which is easy to store. It makes a great gift and ships free in the United States. You can’t afford not to buy one, or two!

LOVE this game about making films!

We love this family friendly game that puts you in the producer's chair to make a movie. SUPER FUN to go behind the scenes! Get Crew'd shows you what it takes to make a movie in a funny, interactive and competitive way. We love playing in person but during the pandemic we have also been playing virtually.

Lots of Fun!!

It is such a fun and interesting game learning how to create a movie. I never knew all the things that it took! (No wonder they cost so much!) This game is great for family and friends and has some creative twists. I definitely recommend to everyone. Oh, and it's fund to play virtual too :)