"you don't need a Hasbro buyout to make something fun"


Release date: September 2019
Number of players: 3-8
Play time: 35-120 minutes
Who it's for: Fans of Phase 10 and Hollywood
Why it's great: It's a labor of love -- created by a novice and independently distributed -- that's still worth playing at game nights.

What it's about: You're a film producer, you have a tight budget, and you need to find a crew to bring your vision to life. Designed by a real-life film producer, getCrewd brings all the hurdles of making a motion picture to your card table. You might think things are going smoothly, but you never know what disasters lie around the corner. Will a tornado destroy your set and eat up your budget? Will your star actor quit the project partway through? Pull the wrong card and anything could happen in this interactive game that proves you don't need a Hasbro buyout to make something fun.

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