Game on....

Put the ACTION and CREW decks in the middle of the table.   Each Producer is dealt (1) Budget Card and (4) CREW cards.

As each Producer takes their turn..... pickup a CREW card, then discard a CREW card onto your own 'Discard' Pile.   (Hint - throw away high cards or duplicates)

Here's the Strategy;  You are allowed to take the TOP CARD card from your pile or another Producers' Discard Pile...INSTEAD of selecting from the main CREW card deck. 

Then read the ACTION card aloud.  Do what it says at the bottom !!  It doesn't matter if you don't know what it means, just do it.  

Winner:  The 1st Producer to have the Actor+Director in their genre, plus 5 other crew !!  Be on or under Budget + not have any duplicate cards.


getCrewd Party Card Game how the cards are layed out on the table.  Action + Crew decks, with Discard Piles