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clever game

Laughed all night with friends. Love the packaging.

-Film Crew

getCrewd - Australian style

Thanks to GetCrewd, Hollywood has never seemed so close to Australia. This unique and clever new game has something for everyone - strategy, creativity, chance and laughs - as you take on the role of Hollywood mogul tasked with delivering your next job under budget. Whether you’re playing with friends or strangers, no industry knowledge is needed and the end result is the same: Fun!

-Maura Pierlot - Author


 My first card game in a long time and this one was with industry friends!  How fun it was since it’s always hard to get us altogether in one place at one time.  What a brilliant game that was masterminded by a brilliant producer who’s great at details and obviously has a ton of experience working in the film business.  The cards were so accurate and “real” and made us laugh especially when you relate to it so well.   It’s harder than real life trying to get that crew and budget together since it’s all in the cards!  Some of us had a competitive spirit which made it even funnier to watch.  What a perfect time to bring the family and friends together like old times.  Even if you don’t know the industry that well, you can learn the game very easily.  Packaging alone sells it!
-Angela Laprete, Producer @instantangie
Director - Producer - 1st AD

I absolute LOVE the film set. On the other hand I am a big fan of card games. Getcrewd brings both worlds together and is beyond fun! I have had the opportunity to play several times, the on-line version during quarantine, I connected with dear filmmakers I haven't seen in awhile and we laughed our hearts out. I can't wait for the next match!!

-Fé M Vásquez

This game is EMPOWERING!

As a person who tends to let others lead in a social situation, I realized that to win this game I had to not only calculate what the other players hand held, but to quickly come up with creative sales pitches for upcoming scenario’s. Who would have dreamed that a game could help you with communication skills? It was soo much fun laughing with friends over outrageous stories and pitches….I highly recommend this game as a interactive, fun game that will guarantee bring laughter and creativity to your group!
p.s. Be sure to include your quiet, shy friends!


OMG such a FUN TIME!

Sharpen your wits, don't let your guard down and get ready to build your own entertainment dynasty (or maybe just get the funding for a little Art Film, if you're lucky!). Great to play with folks in or out of the film industry - learning something new each time we play. It's nice to have a new game that requires creativity, the ability to strategize and a having a great sense of humor. Perfect to play while having snacks and drinks or after a meal. Be prepared to stay up late because you won't want it to end! We already have several to wrap up as gifts - and we got one more for us since we gave our original away to my cousin who was visiting from Boston:)



Everyone can have fun with "Get Crewd”!

I’ve played this game with friends and family, and it’s always a good-time! It’s definitely great fun at adult gatherings, but it’s also a super-fun game for family night too!

For family night we played in teams, pairing an adult with a child…so everyone could play!

Even played this game via zoom - also very fun! The packaging is very cool…its a vintage film tin, making it gift-worthy fun! So you can send it to friends and family as a gift and then play together on-line:)



Unique + Fun Game

How creative can someone be to create this unique, fun yet competitive game about Film production?! There’s nothing else out there like it! It’s a great way to put your phones down and play a game with family or friends! So much fun! We laughed and had a blast, can’t wait to play again!



“Awesome Game”

Love this game. I have shared it with many friends who are not in the film business and they love it too. It is a great, fun way to spend an evening. It makes a great gift too.




Getcrewd is a fun, strategy card game that puts us in the world of behind the scenes action of what it takes to produce a blockbuster movie! Lots of fun and laughs as “fellow producers” try to out maneuver each other to get the cards they need for the winning hand. Always a good time!



Fun Game

This game is so much fun to play. We played the game with a group of friends and we were laughing all night.
I am looking forward to sharing it with more family and friends. It is the perfect way to spend an evening.
Highly recommended.



A new meaning to “ Game Night”

I played this game with 5 other people and what a HOOT..we laughed the whole time..very amusing ❤️❤️



Played with people I didn't know-

Well, I wish I could currently ‘get crewed’, but alas, my only experience of late is the fast and fun game recently developed by Renee Confair.
No need to have experience on a film set, but it certainly added to the fun as I played with complete strangers, yet we all had some element of experience in common… even if it was just having watched an Action Thriller. It was great ! All you need is the cards!



Family Game or Party Game

Loved this game! It's not very often that we sit down as a family and play a game and getting the hubby to play is unheard of! This game was fun for the whole family and best part, you don't have to know a thing about producing/filming to enjoy the game. If you're looking for your next family game night game, or party game, this is it!



Not in the biz, but loved being a "film producer!"

Sooooo much fun! Played 3x with industry and non-industry people. My husband and I are not in the biz, but loved being a "film producer!" Each game was loads of fun...never laughed so hard in a long time! No trivia knowledge needed. It's strategic, it's downright competitive, and you get to have have fun with the "no right answer" questions! Bought these for kids Xmas presents (ranging in yrs from 26-32) but really good for 16+ I would imagine!

-Linda Daly


Lights, Camera, Action!

This is a great addition to your game collection! It’s lots of fun and the best thing is, you don’t have to be an industry expert to play. Even you can be a Producer when you play this game! It’s a great way to have fun with your friends and family while learning a bit about the film business (especially terminology). Another plus is that it’s small and compact which makes it easy to travel with and take anywhere! I highly recommend!



Not a movie buff... no problem..

A super fun game to play with family and friends.
Make your own movie, make a set, balance a budget.
And laugh the whole way through...
GetCrewd together 💙



GetCrewd - Great Fun no matter where you play!

My first few games of GetCrewd were played the traditional way, with my friends and family, on my dining room table. Then in early March, playing this way became much more difficult to do. That's when playing GetCrewd using Zoom became a perfect way to play! Not only could we continue to play, we were now able to play with those who didn't live nearby. We had our core of Hawaii based players but now could send a Zoom invite to friends and family on the East Coast, West Coast....virtually anywhere! It is a great way to spend time together (virtually) and have fun! So try it....Lights, Action, Camera! Time to produce a movie playing GetCrewd ( :



Renewed ties with long lost friends.

Bought this game 6 months ago. Had great time playing with friends. Pandemic pushed me to play via Zoom, and now I can hookup with friends that live far away.